How have the long and not bounded by the Jack Vettriano A Very Dangerous Beach is a problem worth thinking about.Covering, watercolor beginning should not be closed guilds, and should be an open society, its resource from social parties, the results should be social sharing.In the construction aspect of art history, watercolor beginning also should, make its own contribution.Its academic discussion should not be merely a water-colour internal problems, and should include the universality of art.Watercolor painters to go out, not only in other areas of creation, but also to the other types of artist enthusiastically, please come in, invite them to join in watercolor painting activities, thus forming open interaction pattern.

Jack Vettriano A Very Dangerous Beach


Modern Oil Painting "Jack Vettriano A Very Dangerous Beach" from

If, before the "cultural revolution", Chinese watercolor Jack Vettriano paintings is essentially a subjunctive, borderline secondary type, watercolor painters still fight for the right to life, so significant changes have taken place after the "cultural revolution", watercolor painters try to overcome the limitation of watercolor painting itself, making it ready to compete with the other arts of painting type, and has made significant progress.