21 mars 2014

Discipline for Thomas Kinkade Spring Gate

But meaningful, Thomas Kinkade Spring Gate artwork and a lot of people do not match the assumption is that the implementation of the regulation on the urgency, the auction house than enthusiastic bidding, the principal and the general public, active and more eagerly, "because today, more and more regularized development of auction house realized that most of the best way to safeguard their own interests and security, safeguard the rights and interests of oneself bidder with the clients is the first."

Thomas Kinkade Spring Gate


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"Self-discipline" rather than "self-destructive" "discipline" many auction houses in item by item, head of the drafting process and the provisions of the discussion will be more than once asked: "can't we don't put yourself box dead", mean "discipline" in some terms and conditions for the auction house, is indeed "too high, too strict, or have to bear the responsibility too much".

But just the stand of the regulation itself, even if is to stick to their positions, at best, can only reach the level of a request "self-discipline" rather than "self-destructive", because the setting position is objective, represents the interests of three parties in the trade, standing on the position of the auction house, it seems in some ways is limited by the Thomas Kinkade artwork for sale, but more importantly, discipline is maximize the protection of the rights of the legal and rational auction houses, so the auction house operators in stick to their positions at the same time, also notice oneself as well as the regulation of one of the beneficiaries.

China association of collectors: higher demands on the authenticity of the auction

There is no standard in the past, great collector for auction enterprises choose and judge. Leroy Neiman Satchmo Painting is the most concern of the collector collectors, such as false take this thing, the current art market, the investment function more than the function of collection, real demand a higher reliability of auction, false shot will produce the wrong decision, but has not yet been reflected in the standard.

Leroy Neiman Satchmo Painting


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So-called fake racquet is auction company's problems, not false, false is the entire society's problems include identification, collection, auction, etc.But false is the auction industry's problems, how to put an end to false, there is no very strict standards, should define the auction company. I have said several times, is very simple method, the auction association or the ministry of commerce, can joint Beijing local taxation bureau, tax situation, and published.The auctioning industry association is actually can be done, assist the government department, the auction company is required to provide tax situation, immediately clear, is also responsible for the whole society.

Further talks about the problems of execution, the implementation of the process of will need to have the corresponding safeguard measures, Zhang Yanhua mentioned President selection, standard, demonstration and so on were positive to encourage, from negative as setting on the blacklist, the way is very good.The auction market turnover quantity is not big, leroy neiman paintings for sale but the impact is very large.

07 mars 2014

The Spirit of Sprots from Leroy Neiman paintings

Leroy Neiman The Slugger Painting is the false false, on cultural relics auction, this is rare, so far, the film association, writer and haven't received the auction company fraud group or evidence of illegal molecules, so on the question that should be a legal issue.An attitude clearly film association, said that for the limitation of "ability" need to improve their business level, reduce the dispute of artwork auction authenticity of cultural relics to the lowest;To "know false buy (sell) false" to raise the threshold of the professional, standard and requirements.To "take leave" to encourage people including media reports.

Leroy Neiman The Slugger Painting

False, entirely auction enterprise can control the macro, its core lies in the transmission of information to complete the real, auction enterprise only strengthen internal strength, maximum limit fidelity, leroy neiman paintings for sale to set up good public praise, enough to give the buyer the seller to provide a safe trading places.

Reason for painting The Garden of Prayer by Thomas Kinkade

Liu Shuangzhou thinks, art market agent system and agent practitioner qualification management, Thomas Kinkade The Garden of Prayer as an emerging industry in our country the law must be actively guide, that it doesn't lead to clutter art brokerage market.Countries shall obtain the rules of art agent qualification of more stringent requirements, but not as easily as insurance brokers, real estate agent can obtain qualifications.

For natural person, the country must organize unified art agency system of qualification examination, for art dealers do all aspects of the national quality must make specific requirements in the form of assessment.For galleries, auction houses and other industries can even consider making agent system management of related standards.

Ministry of culture "Chinese art industry certification registration database" Thomas Kinkade artwork for sale is the ministry of culture for the art market create a good environment and healthy development of market credit mechanism, has started in April 2006.

21 février 2014

Environment for Oil Painting

Ms shen said: "the school each year to evaluate each professional, among them, the Fernando Botero family is one of the most important content in the evaluation index."Like animation specialty, employment rates have been falling over the past two years, while this year's college adjustment, just reduce the enrollment.

Fernando Botero family

"Architecture and design professional, rising in recent years, the employment."China academy of fine arts, director of the center for employment ZhangXiaoPing disclosed.Communicate with enterprises, he found an interesting phenomenon: now, the decline in the attention of many enterprises for skills, pay more attention to the aesthetic ability of graduates.Game companies, for instance, the modelling of value most graduates, aesthetic ability, Fernando Botero as well as the sensitivity of things.

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Art exam heat cold thinking: not everyone can be an artist

"I will not let my children to go to art Jack Vettriano The Runaways, art students employment path is too narrow."In 1998 graduated from zhejiang normal university fine arts education professional zhao now has a smart and lovely daughter, daughter of grade 3, inspired by his father, painting capability has been outstanding in their peers.

Jack Vettriano The Runaways

However, Mr Zhao a rejected daughter in the direction of professional development path in the future."To teach children to draw more at ordinary times, also just cultivate children have a kind of hobby, Jack Vettriano paintings for sale accumulate some art appreciation ability."

24 janvier 2014

Adjustment focus on service and quality

In 2013, the indications are that the auction enterprises pay more attention to brand construction and service.Auction companies in collection, Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting exhibition, customer for all aspects and maintenance work area did a very thorough and meticulous, much more.But some of the small and medium-sized auction company in 2013 is not a new auction, some auction company even held a sale, also does not have good performance, the market adjustment period, obviously, auction, small and medium enterprises of living space has been seriously squeezed.

Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting


Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting from

With gradually expand the scale, the participants and cultural art market will become more competitive.And in a relatively sufficient industry market competition, the market will be more and more to focus on.Maybe we will see such a situation: the market is more and more to the concentration at the same time, there are many small auction houses, with professional characteristics, professional edge due to its small and fine, small but strong professional capacity, will also have their own living space, and even can rely on their own core competitiveness continuously expand their space for development.On the contrary, those small businesses to compete with large companies to homogenize, leroy neiman paintings are must be eliminated by the market, in competition to die slowly.

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Chongqing autumn auction in October 23

Qing dynasty famous diary, the ancient embroidery, the painting Jack Vettriano Dancer for Money can only be seen in the museum collection will also enter the ordinary people - yesterday, the news from chongqing ka wah auction company, this year's autumn auction will be held on 23 this month, in addition to the above has never appeared in sichuan and chongqing auction items, the two presidents of the national YiZhuan during the Anti-Japanese War will also be on sale at the same time, be fond of art collection of citizens to have a chance to see them all.

Jack Vettriano Dancer for Money


Jack Vettriano Dancer for Money from

In the qing dynasty painter diary in the auction

According to understand, for a long time, the auction of sichuan and chongqing are given priority to with calligraphy and painting and calligraphy, lots of single became plagued both art auction volume one of the important reasons, there have been many auction companies considered other categories of art will join the auction content, but due to the difficult to verify its authenticity and collections such as the limited range of issues, eventually go away.Citizens can enjoy other kinds of art in the museum, it was a lot of works of art collectors of regret.

However, the situation will be broken: ka wah auction company in chongqing autumn artwork auction this year, hosted by the qing dynasty famous painter Shen Xian diary, the ancient Shen Quan will debut, "alternative collection Jack Vettriano paintings will also be the first time on the auction hall of chongqing.

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17 janvier 2014

Hot and Sensitive Topic In Art Industry

In 2012, "investigation" event has become a hot and sensitive topic in circle.In the auction, exhibition of painting "Jack Vettriano A Very Dangerous Beach", people met hot talk, but their tongues in front of the media.Some industry celebrities become the focus of rumors, phone, shut down, no one answered, also become the norm.Executives, high-profile collectors, artists "question", and even rumours of a detention, which would have some slightly dilapidated state of the art market, panic.

Jack Vettriano A Very Dangerous Beach

Why the customs import duties "suddenly" spot check art? There a saying that the customs of scrutiny is often linked with reduced tax.

In early 2012, the state council announced the notice about tariff implementation plan in 2012.Since 2012, the original oil painting, powder painting, and other hand painting, engraving painting, painting, lithographic printing, originally, made of various materials sculpture of the original import tariff rate from 12% to 6% (provisional) a year, this perhaps is the direct signs of follow-up investigation Jack Vettriano paintings.

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14 janvier 2014

Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting

"Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting is a lot of people didn't think of."A gallery Li Su, head of the bridge, said high conversion rates and high prices insider was both surprised and excited.At the same time, to the most promising wang anyi, zhang xiaogang and zhang peili's, early work, was outside the buyer entrust auction clinchs a deal by telephone.According to the situation that the very wants to splash the cash buyers is a foreigner.

Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting


Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting from

"In addition to a gleam of the artist's early works, a minor works have caused the competition."Curators Gu Zhenqing said, wanted to go to the auction rule he found no chance.

"There are many domestic buyers, they at first wanted to use the limited funds taken good works, but as have our hopes, they become depressed, which in turn were outraged."Gu Zhenqing recalled the scene at the description, "then appeared a lot of passion for brand, makes the price of those minor works also were very high."

But Gu Zhenqing said from the scene of the foreign buyers look, they seem to be full of wonder. So, leroy neiman paintings for sale is not sure their confidence in the Chinese contemporary art market has been restored.

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