In 2012, "investigation" event has become a hot and sensitive topic in circle.In the auction, exhibition of painting "Jack Vettriano A Very Dangerous Beach", people met hot talk, but their tongues in front of the media.Some industry celebrities become the focus of rumors, phone, shut down, no one answered, also become the norm.Executives, high-profile collectors, artists "question", and even rumours of a detention, which would have some slightly dilapidated state of the art market, panic.

Jack Vettriano A Very Dangerous Beach

Why the customs import duties "suddenly" spot check art? There a saying that the customs of scrutiny is often linked with reduced tax.

In early 2012, the state council announced the notice about tariff implementation plan in 2012.Since 2012, the original oil painting, powder painting, and other hand painting, engraving painting, painting, lithographic printing, originally, made of various materials sculpture of the original import tariff rate from 12% to 6% (provisional) a year, this perhaps is the direct signs of follow-up investigation Jack Vettriano paintings.

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