When Dennis wise type sentimental realism style in He Duoling, Wang Yidong and others works Leroy Neiman The Race Painting, a new composition and expression way makes the Chinese YouHuaJie for eyebrows: screen characters XieShiHua performance, relationship between characters and the background of pure processing, to dramatic GouZhi fable type images, synaesthesia type scene atmosphere elaboration, these all make domestic painting called "local realism" in the 80 s oil painting creation, an unprecedented achieved enough to truly touched as individuals viewer, penetrate into the inner boundary.

Leroy Neiman The Race Painting


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In the early 80 s, Cheng Conglin, Gao Xiaohua, Chen Yiming artist has to find the fate of the tragic scene in individuals to reflect on the path of national collective fate, although the "scar" portraits of art in creating characters more complete picture, but their awareness of the existence of individual life, and the nature, the fear of the living environment and sigh, variety of memorial directly faced with ease, is the national spirit of deep memory and power;Wang chuan "goodbye, road", "spring" and so on works of wang hai, trying to show some despair gestates hopes of life, and rub it into the youth gets especially hatred and stuffy, through the combination of lonely people and scenes around to represent a kind of sad and helpless mood.

These works with sentimental appeal and native naturalism style, Leroy Neiman paintings were charged with sorrowful but sentiment with a "sentimental humanitarian spirit.