After years of circulation, the representative work of Chen has largely returned to China.Chen's work Leroy Neiman Queen at Ascot Painting has experienced three stages.After Chen signed a contract to stay in the United States to hammer the gallery, works are mostly hidden by overseas collectors, in 1991, Christie's auction in Hong Kong Chen "invertors Yang life" is a landmark event, this is the first time Chen work enters the international auction market, not only the price of 1.37 million yuan to the creation of the Chinese painting world record at the time, also marks the collectors of Hong Kong and Taiwan and southeast Asia as a new collection of Chen work groups.In recent years, with the mainland economy, collectors team rapid rise, they are locking Chen, its representative works appear repeatedly in the big games, and the price of high frequency innovation.

Leroy Neiman Queen at Ascot Painting


Leroy Neiman Queen at Ascot Painting from

How do we treat Chen calmly phenomenon?From the history of Chinese modern oil painting art to parse, it is not hard to see as the hard efforts of Chen's generation and their personality.Painting is elegant, is a kind of heart for choice.Artist should be a thinker, Chen experience era of dynamic change, immediately into his creation to gold stage, no matter how the painting is always his favorite.Reason of various thoughts, due to the release of his inner feelings, the creation of the various periods is stepped up, the work has become collectors of objects.Notice the auction event in recent years, Chen's work record, become a hot collection.

Chen after the death of his paintings is becoming a hot spot of people collect, prices have risen by several times.Limited silkscreens also therefore had high memorable and collection value.She art network to launch "special performance of Chen fine engraving works" online auction, leroy neiman paintings for sale made of the hammer gallery in the 80 s, each work with hammer gallery certificate, has a very high potential investment value and collection.