Qing dynasty famous diary, the ancient embroidery, the painting Jack Vettriano Dancer for Money can only be seen in the museum collection will also enter the ordinary people - yesterday, the news from chongqing ka wah auction company, this year's autumn auction will be held on 23 this month, in addition to the above has never appeared in sichuan and chongqing auction items, the two presidents of the national YiZhuan during the Anti-Japanese War will also be on sale at the same time, be fond of art collection of citizens to have a chance to see them all.

Jack Vettriano Dancer for Money


Jack Vettriano Dancer for Money from www.buypaintingandframe.com

In the qing dynasty painter diary in the auction

According to understand, for a long time, the auction of sichuan and chongqing are given priority to with calligraphy and painting and calligraphy, lots of single became plagued both art auction volume one of the important reasons, there have been many auction companies considered other categories of art will join the auction content, but due to the difficult to verify its authenticity and collections such as the limited range of issues, eventually go away.Citizens can enjoy other kinds of art in the museum, it was a lot of works of art collectors of regret.

However, the situation will be broken: ka wah auction company in chongqing autumn artwork auction this year, hosted by the qing dynasty famous painter Shen Xian diary, the ancient Shen Quan will debut, "alternative collection Jack Vettriano paintings will also be the first time on the auction hall of chongqing.