Shaoxing is one of the famous historical and cultural city in China.Ancient yue for capital, and waterways in vertical and horizontal, has the reputation of shuicheng.A bridge due to the water, because the thomas kinkade bridge and scene, a good name is bridge township. His works largely reflects the traditional Christian themes or vision, American country to live in comfort lonely.Home villas and rural - pictures of the church and rivers flow through outstanding leaves gently - including people rarely, allow the owners project scenario.

Bridge of Hope

Thomas Kinkade Bridge of Hope

Shaoxing's oldest bridge, for the spirit of the recorded in history books he met Si bridge, was built in the king words of practice.Since then, through the qin and han dynasties, wei jin southern and northern dynasties, tang song yuan Ming and qing, have new generation, generation of reconstruction.Drawn according to decyl have reign of qing emperor guangxu (1893) shown in the shaoxing fucheng qu road map, then a 229 Bridges in the city, the city covers an area of 7.4 square kilometers, Thomas Kinkade paintings, Mr Which claims to be "light" usually with logo, the symbol of the natural scene seems to shine bright spot.His paintings are usually he said small batch print, bright details.He did not apologize, commercial art, compared himself to m letters - sellers, say, music and literature.

An average of 0.0231 square kilometers there is a bridge, and the world famous city of Venice, Italy, compared to the city before the second world war, 45 times as dense as the bridge (the city covers an area of 567 square kilometers, at that time, a bridge in 378, is now the only remaining bridge, 76), to the late qing dynasty suzhou city 2 times as dense as bridge (suzhou area of 21 square kilometers in the city, a bridge in the late qing dynasty, 310), stone bridge lane, even a five step, ten step across, really is a "no way, no bridge, no city, no bridge without bridge no village".Statistics by the end of 1993 the city has 10610 bridge, known as "bridge city".