Red oil paints, respectively, have what features?

Vermilion cinnabar, its chemical composition Jack Vettriano Along Came A Spider is mercuric sulfide, a slight toxicity. Homebred cinnabar stable quality, excellent pigment. Slow drying oil paintings vermilion paint, covering power, alone is more durable, but direct sunlight will darken. Ancient masters use Zhu Gongshi, coating a layer of wax or a transparent protective coloring, scarlet and copper color and it's easy to get black, and the proportion of lighter colors such as blue harmonic will be suffused with color.

Cadmium and the cadmium selenide cadmium red is sulfuric acid, alternative cinnabar, can be made into bright red, scarlet, amaranthine wait for color. Cadmium red colors should be bright, strong, good covering power, drying time is long, the sunlight will gradually dim, cadmium red as cadmium yellow deployment into orange, avoid is mixed with the color of the copper, in addition to reconcile with any color and durable don't become angry.

Western red carmine, oil paintings for sale are extracted from cochineal color, non-toxic, very bright beautiful, but stability is poorer, either direct or the scattering fade.

Rose from madder roots from the plants in the past. Factory production rose is now synthetic alizarin red, more stable, the drying time is long, alone can not thick, too thick variable dark color, easy to fade after a tuning thin dry.

Earth is red belongs to mineral pigment, has good stability and strong hiding power, relatively strong after dry. The poor quality of earth is red, dry brittle crack.

All beauty toner weight is lighter, and the higher color photograph, tend to suffused with color. In the use of red oil colour process, generally not too thick or too thin. Europe's ancient masters Jack Vettriano use red pigment with different now. Red ash and clay often adopted by painters, they are stable and strong, but colour and lustre is bright enough. Because iron (iron oxide) now painters use it for the base. Solid red lake pigment is coal tar, similar to scarlet, colour and lustre is bright, more stable.