If you are interested, I join this as a later also from cuttings: "bouguer ronaldo was born in 1825 and died in 1905, is almost with a brush in his hand, after a long, full life brilliant artistic mark great talent and hard work achievement. He began to modest, the son of a small businessman, but he has become one of the most well known and respected artists in the world, in 1854, in Paris, he showed his first important work, the beginning of a successful career. An important work in Baltimore donated in the 19th century French academic painter bouguer luo recently walters dorothy bayer art museum in Baltimore, the locals called UNE thin and wished ceuillant DES CERISES (English, cherry picking), the picture shows a sweet face girl stand a-tiptoe to a few mature from a low hanging fruit tree branches. As the classical forms and warmth, the theme of the cherry picker is a powerful example of mature style and compliment of bouguer extensive collection of 19th century, accumulated the museum founder William walters.

After the glory honor heap upon him. Adolphe William Bouguereau Aprs le Bain After the Bath 1875 paintings in 1875 is now the world great art gallery and the cathedral. His religious paintings and portraits won widespread praise, but he seems to be the happiest folk painting charming Brittany farmers, small lasses, young shepherd, and fishermaidens. "

It reads: "the praise of the beautiful painting art lovers, as one of the greatest from the world famous artist's brush. In the face of such Brittany maids, bouguer already in sweet, candid faith and innocent children in all the land and time. Pay attention to her, how black eyes according to myself, no matter from what Angle you look at the pictures. Note the smile in her rose leaves lips trembling, relaxed, natural grace, she on the weave on the seat beside her chair of of primitive simplicity, perhaps the two bright cherry, her fingertips constitute the portrait, won her shy agree!"

There was a young woman, in her thighs, and laying behind their baby step. Step, on the part of writing is "MATER AFFELI" covered with dark robes, the rest of the alphabet. Very detailed background has two marble columns. Don't know whether it will in 1877 with the death of his wife and children.

Thanks for your read and have you learn something about the artist Adolphe William Bouguereau through the article?