There is no standard in the past, great collector for auction enterprises choose and judge. Leroy Neiman Satchmo Painting is the most concern of the collector collectors, such as false take this thing, the current art market, the investment function more than the function of collection, real demand a higher reliability of auction, false shot will produce the wrong decision, but has not yet been reflected in the standard.

Leroy Neiman Satchmo Painting


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So-called fake racquet is auction company's problems, not false, false is the entire society's problems include identification, collection, auction, etc.But false is the auction industry's problems, how to put an end to false, there is no very strict standards, should define the auction company. I have said several times, is very simple method, the auction association or the ministry of commerce, can joint Beijing local taxation bureau, tax situation, and published.The auctioning industry association is actually can be done, assist the government department, the auction company is required to provide tax situation, immediately clear, is also responsible for the whole society.

Further talks about the problems of execution, the implementation of the process of will need to have the corresponding safeguard measures, Zhang Yanhua mentioned President selection, standard, demonstration and so on were positive to encourage, from negative as setting on the blacklist, the way is very good.The auction market turnover quantity is not big, leroy neiman paintings for sale but the impact is very large.