21 mars 2014

China association of collectors: higher demands on the authenticity of the auction

There is no standard in the past, great collector for auction enterprises choose and judge. Leroy Neiman Satchmo Painting is the most concern of the collector collectors, such as false take this thing, the current art market, the investment function more than the function of collection, real demand a higher reliability of auction, false shot will produce the wrong decision, but has not yet been reflected in the standard.   View more nice handmade oil paintings from artoilpaintingforsale.com So-called fake racquet is auction... [Lire la suite]

07 mars 2014

The Spirit of Sprots from Leroy Neiman paintings

Leroy Neiman The Slugger Painting is the false false, on cultural relics auction, this is rare, so far, the film association, writer and haven't received the auction company fraud group or evidence of illegal molecules, so on the question that should be a legal issue.An attitude clearly film association, said that for the limitation of "ability" need to improve their business level, reduce the dispute of artwork auction authenticity of cultural relics to the lowest;To "know false buy (sell) false" to raise the threshold of the... [Lire la suite]
14 janvier 2014

Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting

"Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting is a lot of people didn't think of."A gallery Li Su, head of the bridge, said high conversion rates and high prices insider was both surprised and excited.At the same time, to the most promising wang anyi, zhang xiaogang and zhang peili's, early work, was outside the buyer entrust auction clinchs a deal by telephone.According to the situation that the very wants to splash the cash buyers is a foreigner.   Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting from www.artoilpaintingforsale.com "In... [Lire la suite]
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09 janvier 2014

How to draw abstract painting

The teacher said, "you draw this woman so ugly, do you want to marry her?"White ink is not accepted the teacher's words.Sty, he thought, the pig is ugly, Leroy Neiman michael jordan painting can be used as an artistic image of the pig eight quit, but a lot of people like, this image is a success, but a woman may not marry him.Artists should have their own thoughts, not the artist just limner of thought. Right now many of the painting, but the elimination rate is also high, because many people drawing can only use the lines and... [Lire la suite]
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06 janvier 2014

Leroy Neiman Queen at Ascot Painting

After years of circulation, the representative work of Chen has largely returned to China.Chen's work Leroy Neiman Queen at Ascot Painting has experienced three stages.After Chen signed a contract to stay in the United States to hammer the gallery, works are mostly hidden by overseas collectors, in 1991, Christie's auction in Hong Kong Chen "invertors Yang life" is a landmark event, this is the first time Chen work enters the international auction market, not only the price of 1.37 million yuan to the creation of the Chinese painting... [Lire la suite]
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