21 mars 2014

Discipline for Thomas Kinkade Spring Gate

But meaningful, Thomas Kinkade Spring Gate artwork and a lot of people do not match the assumption is that the implementation of the regulation on the urgency, the auction house than enthusiastic bidding, the principal and the general public, active and more eagerly, "because today, more and more regularized development of auction house realized that most of the best way to safeguard their own interests and security, safeguard the rights and interests of oneself bidder with the clients is the first."   Pure handicraft art oil... [Lire la suite]

07 mars 2014

Reason for painting The Garden of Prayer by Thomas Kinkade

Liu Shuangzhou thinks, art market agent system and agent practitioner qualification management, Thomas Kinkade The Garden of Prayer as an emerging industry in our country the law must be actively guide, that it doesn't lead to clutter art brokerage market.Countries shall obtain the rules of art agent qualification of more stringent requirements, but not as easily as insurance brokers, real estate agent can obtain qualifications. For natural person, the country must organize unified art agency system of qualification examination,... [Lire la suite]