17 janvier 2014

Hot and Sensitive Topic In Art Industry

In 2012, "investigation" event has become a hot and sensitive topic in circle.In the auction, exhibition of painting "Jack Vettriano A Very Dangerous Beach", people met hot talk, but their tongues in front of the media.Some industry celebrities become the focus of rumors, phone, shut down, no one answered, also become the norm.Executives, high-profile collectors, artists "question", and even rumours of a detention, which would have some slightly dilapidated state of the art market, panic. Why the customs import duties "suddenly"... [Lire la suite]
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06 janvier 2014

Modern Oil Painting "Jack Vettriano A Very Dangerous Beach"

How have the long and not bounded by the Jack Vettriano A Very Dangerous Beach is a problem worth thinking about.Covering, watercolor beginning should not be closed guilds, and should be an open society, its resource from social parties, the results should be social sharing.In the construction aspect of art history, watercolor beginning also should, make its own contribution.Its academic discussion should not be merely a water-colour internal problems, and should include the universality of art.Watercolor painters to go out, not... [Lire la suite]
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