In 2013, the indications are that the auction enterprises pay more attention to brand construction and service.Auction companies in collection, Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting exhibition, customer for all aspects and maintenance work area did a very thorough and meticulous, much more.But some of the small and medium-sized auction company in 2013 is not a new auction, some auction company even held a sale, also does not have good performance, the market adjustment period, obviously, auction, small and medium enterprises of living space has been seriously squeezed.

Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting


Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting from

With gradually expand the scale, the participants and cultural art market will become more competitive.And in a relatively sufficient industry market competition, the market will be more and more to focus on.Maybe we will see such a situation: the market is more and more to the concentration at the same time, there are many small auction houses, with professional characteristics, professional edge due to its small and fine, small but strong professional capacity, will also have their own living space, and even can rely on their own core competitiveness continuously expand their space for development.On the contrary, those small businesses to compete with large companies to homogenize, leroy neiman paintings are must be eliminated by the market, in competition to die slowly.