"Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting is a lot of people didn't think of."A gallery Li Su, head of the bridge, said high conversion rates and high prices insider was both surprised and excited.At the same time, to the most promising wang anyi, zhang xiaogang and zhang peili's, early work, was outside the buyer entrust auction clinchs a deal by telephone.According to the situation that the very wants to splash the cash buyers is a foreigner.

Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting


Leroy Neiman Frank at Rao Painting from www.artoilpaintingforsale.com

"In addition to a gleam of the artist's early works, a minor works have caused the competition."Curators Gu Zhenqing said, wanted to go to the auction rule he found no chance.

"There are many domestic buyers, they at first wanted to use the limited funds taken good works, but as have our hopes, they become depressed, which in turn were outraged."Gu Zhenqing recalled the scene at the description, "then appeared a lot of passion for brand, makes the price of those minor works also were very high."

But Gu Zhenqing said from the scene of the foreign buyers look, they seem to be full of wonder. So, leroy neiman paintings for sale is not sure their confidence in the Chinese contemporary art market has been restored.