In Fabian Perez Night Angel IV paintings, fields, wasteland is often the image, he was candid this is a complex of his art career, "we the place empty HuangJi, often give a person a kind of loneliness.

Fabian Perez Night Angel IV

Sometimes I feel the wilderness in a solitary tree is myself, or some kind of stick to us. When a person lonely, he is not only a tree in the picture, draw a tree and it is possible that the painting itself. The wilderness, everything is based on its growth. Just like the picture, although the paintings are the earth, but scrutiny has a lot of relief as the characters above, suggests that people and land is inseparable, has a strong symbolic. So I drew a lot of deserts, gobi, this is my western complex."

YanLi tells a reporter, he to do exhibition in guangzhou, a lot of people heard from xinjiang, he immediately asked whether professor..."I'm not a professor, I am a painter."YanLi stressed that "because it is not for show, I expect the market to normal gradually, everyone in art have a rational attitude and cognition; and the painter's self-discipline, if artists want to hype, all want to blockbuster, the market will be mess up."Concentration is an artist, he thought, facing the big test in today's era, "something suddenly pop or hot Fabian Perez paintings, but the real artist is back out, rather than engaged in NiShaJuXia inside."

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