Foshan woodcut New Year pictures as a folk New Year pictures in lingnan area, arose in the Ming dynasty yongle, has been 600 years of history, from green, suzhou and tianjin are TaoHuaWu, shandong weifang New Year pictures said "China's four big woodcut New Year pictures.

ICEY PATH By Leonid Afremov


ICEY PATH By Leonid Afremov from

Today, foshan has a long history of woodcut New Year pictures has rare cicadas.Held in henan province in 2002 "the first China international academic seminar of woodcut New Year's paintings ICEY PATH By Leonid Afremov", feng and his son found that participating many people no longer know foshan woodcut New Year pictures is still alive.Because of this, Feng Jinjiang business side, the side have been tossing about their New Year pictures, hope to foshan through various channels to expand the influence of woodcut New Year pictures.Stick to the traditional process is different, with his father Feng Jinjiang not only make woodcut New Year pictures into small convenient pocket pictures collection, gifts and souvenirs. Leonid Afremov paintings make new design printed on clothes, a souvenir, also had a training course of woodcut New Year pictures, teach children to do New Year pictures, let them grow up aware of foshan has a profound cultural tradition.