The word can also be valuable of modern scholars.Although people live mixed of guo moruo, but his handwriting is good, running script of chairman MAO's poetry (China, April 24, 2001), 154000 yuan, running script eight words united 181500 yuan (Beijing huachen, November 4, 2002), FALL LOVE By Leonid Afremov art work is a good price.By December 18, 2004, his a self-reliance sockets running script sale 3.19 million, just a bit so not looking for a head.

FALL LOVE By Leonid Afremov


Beautiful landscape oil painting from

Guo moruo's friend, yu dafu also have a few items, such as running script seven-character al 48400 yuan (zhongmao st., November 1, 2003), the running script couplet of hk $35400 (sotheby's, on October 28, 2002).Lu xun's calligraphy couplet rare to seek knowledge, two hearts is moist foam decade, priced at 44000 yuan (ZhongHongXin, on January 8, 2004).15400 yuan (Beijing HanHai his brother zhou zuoren's regular script, December 18, 1997).Hu shi's handwriting than lu xun also expensive, such as regular script Zhu Hui weng language hk $102000 (sotheby's, on October 27, 2003), and the running script vertical price 88000 yuan (Shanghai industrial, December 22, 2003), the content is very interesting: just forget yesterday's dream, clearly see a smile in my dream again.

Leonid Afremov art work is also very good, he's running script four tao yuanming poetry 64900 yuan (Beijing huachen, November 26, 2003), and the May 4th movement friends Liu Bannong regular script eight word league although only 7700 yuan, China, April 24, 2001), after all vigorous quaint.And revolutionary literati qu qiubai running script four screen 16500 yuan (Beijing HanHai, December 8, 2001), also let a person feeling.