08 novembre 2013

Romantic Art Oil Painting Jack Vettriano Along Came A Spider

Red oil paints, respectively, have what features? Vermilion cinnabar, its chemical composition Jack Vettriano Along Came A Spider is mercuric sulfide, a slight toxicity. Homebred cinnabar stable quality, excellent pigment. Slow drying oil paintings vermilion paint, covering power, alone is more durable, but direct sunlight will darken. Ancient masters use Zhu Gongshi, coating a layer of wax or a transparent protective coloring, scarlet and copper color and it's easy to get black, and the proportion of lighter colors such as... [Lire la suite]

01 novembre 2013

LeRoy Neiman Baccarat

Mark after the theory of color change slightly and the work of the jehol IM Walde 2 (deer in the woods in the second, 1914; Staatliche museum of art, karlsruhe), present three deer in step-down family painted blue, a mother deer is clearly prove that red, yellow fawn. Still used in the work by LeRoy Neiman of the blue on behalf of masculinity, and yellow are still represents the edge of the smallest deer, but now has developed into the red on behalf of the mother. In this era of Facebook personality, easily come to believe that... [Lire la suite]
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01 novembre 2013

Adolphe William Bouguereau Aprs le Bain After the Bath 1875

If you are interested, I join this as a later also from cuttings: "bouguer ronaldo was born in 1825 and died in 1905, is almost with a brush in his hand, after a long, full life brilliant artistic mark great talent and hard work achievement. He began to modest, the son of a small businessman, but he has become one of the most well known and respected artists in the world, in 1854, in Paris, he showed his first important work, the beginning of a successful career. An important work in Baltimore donated in the 19th century French... [Lire la suite]