29 septembre 2013

Religious Painting "Madonna and Child with the Young St John"

How unusual young Botticelli late work ! Think back , for example, his Venus 1482 . This sweet painting show sufficient flow of hedonism , Venus yourself loose and tease subtle , gentle cluster shrouded her long auburn hair in her left hand, she also contacts in her pussy nude . In this new , post- style to a certain extent the old saying - the form was razed ; Mary , towering , layered look - a devout overall effort seemed solemn Botticelli 's works , Edward Hopper will show his maker last day.What happened between those years do ?... [Lire la suite]

24 septembre 2013

The "Price" Of Hidden Behind The Dreamlike Paintings

Brian Adam Douglas impossible, laborious techniques so dreamy paintings. Albert Bierstadt countless tiny bit of glue wood painted paper to create extremely complex and delicate mosaic. From a distance, four of the most ambitious works in this show illustrates a magic realism given the impression. Six measuring nearly 7 feet from their contradictory picture of delirium moment. A man to his knees in the flooded waters near the level and capture their own images tapped in his arms, and the marching band appeared in a single file from a... [Lire la suite]
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18 septembre 2013

Albert Bierstadt's Painting Bring you Into Wonderland

As a child, long before I considered writing , my world of dreams and I imagine it will be my hope is that if I use my imagination, my imagination is my secret. Sometimes I browse pictures Encyclopedia , sowing and come back and help create a world and become Ontyre some images.Fantasy art is a rare thing, in those days , although years later , I discovered science fiction book covers and album art ( Yes, Moody Blues , for example ). But first came to those shown - A random draw to Z volumes. Years later, when construction began my... [Lire la suite]
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